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aaj ik aur baras biit gayā us ke baġhair

jis ke hote hue hote the zamāne mere


Poets/Writers From Allahabad

Total: 67

Akbar Allahabadi

1846 - 1921

The greatest Urdu poet of humour and satire who was a Sessions judge at Allahabad.

Firaq Gorakhpuri

1896 - 1982

One of the most influential Pre-modern poets who paved the way for the modern Urdu ghazal. Known for his perceptive critical comments. Recipient of Gyanpeeth award.

Asghar Gondvi

1884 - 1936

One of leading pre-modern poets known for the mystic content of his poetry, close associate of Jigar Moradabadi

Mustafa Zaidi

1929 - 1970

Also known as Tegh Allahabadi, was a C.S.P officer in Pakistan, assassinated in mysterious circumstances.

Sakhi Lakhnvi

1813 - 1876

Waqar Azeem

1910 - 1976

A leading Judge of the Allahabad High Court. Member of the 4th Lok Sabha

Athar Parvez

1925 - 1984

Azam Kurevi

1898 - 1955

One of the earliest fiction writers in Urdu, known for his stories of Indian life and living and drawing upon myths. Also known as a translator of early Hindi poetry in Urdu.

Prominent Contemporary of Akbar Allahabadi known for his oft-quoted sher 'Aagah apni maut se koi bashar nahin…'


1928 - 1980

Urdu poet who later became the most popular and renowned writer of detective novels in Urdu who earlier wrote Urdu poetry under the pen name of Asraar Naarvi.

Raaz Allahabadi

1929 - 1996

Prominent modernist poet known for experimentation in language and expression

Poet, fiction writer and one of the leading Urdu critics

One of the most prominent literary critics associated with Progressive Movement.

Abdul Hamid is a significant poet of the modern era and a renowned scholar. "Sabz Hawa Raushan Hai" is his published collection of poems.

Ajmal Ajmali

1932 - 1993

Well-known poet, author, and translator.

Jafar Raza

1939 - 2022

Pakistani woman poet of Indian origin / Living in Canada

Indian scientist,a leading Urdu poet, social activist and documentary filmmaker

Hanson Rehani

1912 - 1976

One of the most popular poets who died young.

Critic, Sahitya Academy award winner.

Saeed Arifi

1949 - 2002

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